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Build your custom SQL BI dashboard to keep track of your most important database metrics. You define your own queries and Bilbeo builds your dashboard, immediately.


2. Write your own queries

Write simple queries to select metrics and dimensions

Connect your custom SQL database or use our dead simple API to send your data

1. Connect

Our algorithms build your dashboard based on your data. No Design. No Coding.

3. Sit Back!

What do I get with this product?

How is this better than classical BI Tools?

Get your dashboard ready in minutes with our technology. No setup. No Coding.

Be alerted on dangerous trends and deviations.

Identify underlying leading indicators that drive the business performance.

Define thresholds on your most critical KPIs.

Customize your dashboard. With zero line of code

Create your own reports and stay updated of your favorites KPIs.

Over 2,000 customers monitor KPIs with Bilbeo

Bilbeo empowers managers with clear understanding of their performance for better decisions

Yuval Uzana

Founder at Pardessia

“We provide developping services worlwide. Bilbeo has allowed us to get a clear vision on our business bottlenecks. I especially liked the correlation and leading indicator algorithm.”

“Bilbeo allowed me to save time managing and measuring my enterprise performance. Now we get to be out there telling stories and exploring the unknow.”

Arie Toledano

CEO at Datafirst SA.

“Managing our marketing KPIs became a hassle... and I've tried several dashboard software and always stuck at the dashboard setup. Now we upload our data to Bilbeo with a single click. Voila!”

Kati Denan

CMO at Retraite4

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